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Instructor riding a motorcycle
Instructor riding a motorcycle

I have ridden motorcycles since I was 15 and thought I was a good rider. In 2014, I went to police motorcycle school and quickly realized how much I did not know. It was the toughest and most challenging class I had ever attended. The training took me to the next level of riding and made me much safer on the street. It also taught me how to be in complete control of my motorcycle.


During my time at the unit, I was fortunate to gain varied and unique experiences with riding motorcycles. I participated in countless dignitary motorcade and funeral escorts. I led parades, marches, races and police motorcades. I consistently rode in group formation riding. I worked with movie production crews in the planning and execution of vehicle chase and stunt scenes. I taught the public about traffic safety. I responded to countless serious injury and fatal traffic collisions and have seen the unfortunate aftermath.  If there is one major point I can make regarding traffic safety it is slow down. Speeding diminishes your reaction time to unsafe drivers and road hazards.


I have been an instructor since 2004 in other skill sets and have taught countless officers. I am passionate about teaching and love riding motorcycles. I became a certified police motorcycle instructor in 2016 for the unit and have taught officers with all different skill levels. I find teaching very rewarding and love seeing students get excited when they accomplish something that had been challenging them.



I have been riding motorcycles on and off road for the better part of 25 years. I attended my first police motor school in 2004. I was then selected to attend the California Highway Patrol Basic Motor School in 2005 and then shortly after completed a Certified Motorcycle Instructor course in 2006.


During my time in the Traffic Division I instructed several basic motor schools and a handful of instructor schools. I trained numerous officers, with regard to motorcycle operation and enforcement, in the field. This included accident investigation, crime suppression, pull-out trainings and re-certifications. I also participated in several presidential escorts, parades, and funeral processions in and out of state.


This experience equates to well over one hundred thousand miles of motorcycle riding in real world environments. I believe the experience and knowledge I have gained needs to be shared with new and older riders alike to vastly improve motorcycle safety within the motorcycle community.



Certifications and Experience

  • 2014 Police Motorcycle School.

  • 2016 Police Motorcycle Instructor School.

  • 2019 Rich Oliver's Mystery School Officer Course.

  • I have been riding motorcycles for 35 years

  • I was a police motorcycle sergeant for 6 years

  • I have taught countless officers as an instructor

  • 2004 Police Motorcycle School

  • 2005 California Highway Patrol Police Motorcycle School

  • 2006 Police Motorcycle Instructor School

  • I have been riding motorcycles for 25 years on and off road

  • I was a police motorcycle officer for 6 years
  • I have taught countless officers as an instructor

Additional Instructors


I am a retired 27-year veteran in law enforcement with 16 years as a Motor Deputy Sheriff. I have been

an avid motorcyclist since I was a child, having ridden mostly in the dirt until I was a young adult when I

bought my first sport bike, and the rest is history.

Motorcycling is a huge passion of mine but so is motorcycle safety, we should all have a conscious effort

to improve our motorcycle skills and our riding habits on the road. That is why I became a motorcycle

instructor for my agency and the regional motor school, which I held for 14 years.

Upon retirement I wanted to continue to promote motorcycle safety, so I became a certified Motorcycle

Safety Foundation (MSF) Instructor and Pro-Rider Instructor.


Northern Nevada Regional Basic Motor School: 2004

Certified Motorcycle Training Officer/Motor Instructor School: 2006

CHP Basic Motor School: 2013

MSF Motorcycle Instructor: 2021

Pro-Rider: 2022


I spent five years as a motorcycle officer with the Reno Police Department. In 2004, I completed the department’s basic motor school. I graduated from the California Highway Patrol motor school the following year. In 2006, I attended the Northern Nevada Certified Motorcycle Training Officer School (CMTO) to become an instructor for northern Nevada. As a CMTO instructor, I collaborated with regional agencies including Washoe County, Sparks PD, Washoe County School Police, tribal police, and many others to train new officers on the bike. My scope of work also included re-certifying previous motor officers.

Notably, Jay and I worked together to update the RPD motor program and coordinate new equipment for more effective training. Many of the program elements they implemented remain today.

I have spent over 20 years riding motorcycles. My personal bikes have included models from Honda, Harley-Davidson, and BMW. As an instructor, I look forward to helping others drive safely on the road.

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